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Welcome to Spare5! Earn money online!

Welcome to Spare5!

This is a page that pays its users for doing simple tasks. Spare5's tasks train the world's artificial intelligence. Spare5 partners with companies around the world that need knowledge in the areas of artificial vision (Computer Vision) and natural language (Natural Language). They turn their information into small tasks that we, the Fives, complete. These tasks teach computers how to recognize objects, images and language to think and work better. When you draw boxes around roads and signs in an image, you are training an algorithm that will help cars be able to handle themselves safely as part of the next generation of self-propelled vehicles. Amazing!

In this link you can access the page. Each microtask takes less than a minute, with revenues of $ 0.01 to $ 0.05 per task. Just have a pc with Chrome, a paypal account and understand a little English. You MUST access this link and give the "Get Started" button, so you can win 10% bonus from your earnings. There you will subscribe through your Facebook or Google account.

By subscribing via facebook, or google, you will enter the main screen of the page.

Since you joined the page, in this post I'll teach you how to start your Spare5 experience First, you must do the "Tell Us About Yourself" Task. It is a simple survey that you must complete in a sincere way, without lying in any data. There you will earn your first $ 0.10

Then, on the main screen you will be given various welcome tasks. First do the ones that say AVAILABLE, TRAINING and TUTORIAL. They are introductory, so you know how the mechanics of the page. The important thing is that you can follow the instructions of the tasks to the letter. If you have problems with understanding English, you can copy the text, and paste it into the Google Translator, so that you can see the instructions in Spanish. Again, you must follow the task instructions to the letter, so that you are eligible to receive paid tasks.

After performing these tasks, you will do the QUALIFIER. This is key. These tasks are qualifying, and will allow you to access the paid tasks. It's a test. If you do not pass it to 100%, you will have a next chance within 48 hours. A tip: When you have answered a question wrong, leave the task by clicking "TASK LIST", do not finish it, so you will not have to wait 48 hours to do the task again.

But, here we are to help you! It turns out that on YouTube, you can get the solution to most of the qualifier. NOTE: In some rare cases, certain qualifier questions may change, if that happens, notify me so that I can help you. To view the videos, click here


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